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Result Driven

I AM KEY is a result driven site to help people what they need easily.

Key To Success

Everyone that can contribute can be KEY to someone elses success. I AM KEY is about helping people unlock doors.

Be Seen

Programs are being added that allow people to share a portofolio and be seen.

  1. The site - It is the focus to have no ads, popups, and all applications including this site is Open Source using Mobirise.
  2. The Mission - To provide a platform for people to utilize a centralized set of tools that allows them to grow in communities. It is also the mission to encourage people to be leaders in the online communities.
  3. Features - A clean email address (use the contact form below), wordpress, electronic portfolio, community based applications. 
  4. Future Development - Online games


Journey Timeline

Domain and Welcome

October 2019 the domain registration and initial drafts and initial upload created. The decisions of keeping everthing GPL, OpenSource and picking of applications completed.


Goal for final design of the welcome page to be completed by second quarter 2020.
The design for I AM KEY is planned to bring multiple platforms together and integrate in a user friendly fashion.


Goal for this journey to be completed by third quarter 2020.

Pending Applications 4-1-2020

E-mails are being sent to ensure that the focus, purpose, distribution stays within the spirit and GPL3 licensing before exposing the links.


Please contact for us!